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Heart Intelligence

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Have you ever experienced premonitions and then witnessed them coming true?
Have you ever gotten chills and then unexpectedly received a phone call from an old friend, or experienced a wonderful coincidence and said to yourself, so that was what that feeling was about?

These seemingly unconnected events are not simply coincidence.

“Heart Intelligence”, the collective work of the HeartMath Institute, knits together science, technology and astute observation, bringing a new awareness to what it means to be alive!

Beginning in the 1990’s, researchers at the HeartMath Institute began studying HRV (heart rate variability) as a means to understanding wellness.  Their process of investigation has led to landmark findings regarding our heart’s intelligence while at the same time raising our level of consciousness to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the connectivity of all life.

As an obstetrician, I can attest to the accuracy of HRV as a predictor of fetal well-being.  For over five decades, HRV has been the single most important tool to assess fetal well-being during labor.  It still remains the gold standard today, though other powerful technologies have emerged to complement HRV.  It was then no surprise for me to discover that the HeartMath Institute was using HRV as a window to understanding adult wellness. Bravo!

Their deep and intensive study of HRV has opened the door to an entirely new universe of understanding.  We now understand our hearts to be much more than just a pump for circulation. This book reveals at the most fundamental level how we can apply this knowledge, live in coherence, and push the boundaries of life in directions never before described.

The Biology of Belief

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Your DNA is not self-directed?

DNA takes instructions from the environment?

A widely-held belief no longer considered to be true is that your “good” or “bad” genes themselves are responsible for the destiny of your health.  Once thought of as “self-directed”, your genetic material, your DNA, the blueprint for your existence, is now understood to get its directions from environmental signals outside the cell nucleus.

The update to this original volume incorporates current information regarding gene behavior from a variety of sources. Everything I learned in high school, college, medical school, and residency about gene behavior is antiquated! Gene behavior is flexible. Genes exchange information between different organisms. One example is the exchange of information between our genome and the genome of the bacteria living in our intestinal tract. We also create new genes, meaning we do not have to accept the destiny of our ancestors as our own story. It gives a new meaning to “family history”.

Scientists studying genetics from a new vantage point called “epigenetics”, continue to identify factors outside the genes themselves that influence gene expression. According to Dr. Lipton, it’s all about the environment.

Our thoughts and emotions are now understood to be the most powerful environmental effect directing our DNA.

As physician’s, we must stop using the “nocebo” effect with our patients, leading them to believe they are prisoners of their inherited DNA, or worse, frightening them into unnecessary therapies to ward off the curse of their genealogy.

Bruce Lipton’s research is powerful. His style is refreshing and easy for the layperson to understand, even without a science background.  Dr. Lipton has the mind of a scientist and the heart of a storyteller.

Molecules of Emotion

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“Why we feel the way we feel is the result of the symphony and harmony of our own molecules of emotion that affect every aspect of our physiology, producing blissful good health or miserable disease.”  –Candace Pert, Ph.D.

In her revolutionary book, “Molecules of Emotion” research scientist, Candice Pert, discovered that our thoughts and emotions are not ethereal.  They trigger a cascade of neuropeptides, which are measurable circulating proteins, impacting every aspect of our physiology.   These circulating proteins deliver important signals to our cells, directing our biology. In essence, “our emotions are running every system in our bodies”.

Medical doctors have been trained for centuries to consider the physical first, then consider its impact on the non-physical, the psychological.  This artificial separation of mind and body is non-holistic.  The “new” science which incorporates the quantum nature of our existence validates that we cannot separate who we are physically from who we are metaphysically.

“There is a revolution taking form that is significantly influencing how the Western medical community views health and disease.  Candace Pert’s contribution to this revolution is undeniable; and her professional integrity in the pursuit of scientific truth, wherever it had to take her, regardless of its personal or professional cost, underscores the feminine, intuitive potential of science at its best.” –Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Dying to be Me

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Spontaneous healing is the indisputable evidence that the time, energy, and treatments we are told are required for healing, are simply not true.  Once the emotional obstacles to healing are removed, the physical body quickly and efficiently heals.

Anita Moorjani’s NDE (near death experience), resulting in a full recovery in under thirty hours from stage-four cancer, on her death bed in a coma, is a powerful testimonial for spontaneous healing.  This is but one incredible story amongst thousands world-wide who experience spontaneous healing on a daily basis.

Quantum biology is writing a new chapter in science, applying the principles of quantum physics to the world of biology.  Billions of cellular changes occur simultaneously in every cell in our body in response to our thoughts and emotions.

In an instant, your physiology can dramatically shift in response to your thoughts and the provoked emotions, affecting heart rate, respiration, perspiration, immune function and much more.

How is this possible?  Energy is moving faster than the speed of light.  Shifting your energy is a matter of shifting your emotions; by design, your physiology will obey.

This knowledge is enriching our lives with the possibility of tapping into the natural system of healing inherent at birth. Embracing this knowledge reduces our need to rely on high-tech medical intervention to keep us healthy.

Anatomy of an Epidemic

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Challenges in daily living create a normal undulation of moods.

Undesired mood states, labeled today as mood disorders, are packaged as illness caused by chemical imbalances.  This is absolutely not true.  Are there blood, urine or saliva tests available to physicians to measure these suspected imbalances?  No.

The untold truth that Whitaker exposes is simply this: The same research used to declare low serotonin values are found in patients with clinical depression also found normal and high serotonin values in depressed patients as well. The pharmaceutical industry simply decided to give limited information to doctors and the public. Limiting information is a form of manipulation. Robert Whitaker in his detailed treatise on the psychotropic drug industry is an eye opener for both physicians prescribing these drugs and the patients taking them.

The diagnosis of a chemical imbalance is simply the opinion of another human being and has no foundation in medical science.  The “cocktails” of psychotropic drugs disrupting normal neuronal pathways in the brain, and masquerading as treatment for chemical imbalances, could be the largest and most tragic experiment in human history.

In addition, the irresponsible labeling of “mood states” as “disorders” has created an unnecessary stigma, frightening the public.

This book is a game changer for anyone who has been hoodwinked into believing they have chemical imbalances causing their undesired thoughts and emotional states.