People are desperate for help to relieve the sickening effect caused by the emotional conflict tearing up their lives. People are suffering in silence –– too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. Daily stress has become so acceptable and because of that, it’s harming us in countless ways. We are taught to “gut it out”, “put up with” or “settle for” unfavorable conditions, instead of changing them. Discouraging, hurtful and egregious comments by those you allow into your “sphere of influence”, including the influential bombardment by the media, produce a demoralizing effect. The internalization of this stress results in the compounding of disease states, primarily being chased with medicine and surgery.


MoodShift virtual experience hacks point you in the direction of your heart-connecting desires and exposes what is holding you back so that you can release those burdens. Get unstuck from the stress that is blocking your ability to think clearly. Get unstuck from the trap of demoralizing feelings being fed by demoralizing thought loops. This consumes your energy, compounds your stress and keeps you from the experiences you would like to have in your life. Transform your thoughts and feelings to reduce your stress and stimulate your life force.  Our hacks are designed to be at your fingertips. Use them in your micro moments and as your ‘stress remedy on-the-go”.


The kaleidoscope, with its endless shapes and colors that inspire the mind and speak to the heart, is an expression of the inherent nature of “shoshin”, the attitude of openness, eagerness and the lack of preconceptions. Our shoshin technique is a hack for healing and well-being. Just imagine –– recapturing your childlike enthusiasm, dipping into a reservoir of encouragement and optimism, and seizing the day with high regard for the quality of your life.  The Kaleidoscope Corporation, affectionately nicknamed “Kscope”, animates the essence of this philosophy to transform lives.

lives impacted by The Kaleidoscope Corporation.